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TABA Türk Afrika Turkish African Fatih Akbulut Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu
TABA Hakkında

About TABA

Turkish-African Business Association (TABA) is an independent organization that pioneers the establishment and strengthening of commercial, diplomatic, social and cultural relations between Turkey and Africa.

Continuing its active activities since 2012, TABA undertakes the task of being the umbrella organization for businessmen, associations and other organizations operating in this field.

TABA, which includes many African and Turkish businessmen, continues its organization in Turkey and throughout Africa.

Afrika Üzerine
"Since TABA was founded, more than 200
investment visit, sectoral and commercial trip, conference, seminar, B2B and B2G meetings, trilateral forum etc. organizations and the Turkish Businessmen of an important market like Africa.
It continues to open its doors.”
TABA Türk Afrika Turkish African Fatih Akbulut Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu

About Africa

In the 21st century, the African continent is considered to be an increasingly important actor on the global stage. As the second largest continent of the world, Africa, with its 30 million square kilometers of area, rich natural resources and human capacity, is expected to play a more active role in the international system and to affect the developments in the international arena more, starting from the second half of the 21st century.

Six of the ten fastest growing economies in the world in the last decade are in Africa.

According to World Bank data, the average annual growth rate not based on oil revenues in the Continent in the last five years is 5.4%.

In the study prepared by the African Development Bank, between 2010-2060 continent It is estimated that the per capita income will reach 5,600 dollars from 1,667 dollars, the proportion of middle-class citizens will increase from 34% to 42%, and the average life expectancy, which is 56 years today, will increase to 70 years.

Başkanın Mesajı
TABA Türk Afrika Turkish African Fatih Akbulut

The message of the president

Since the day TABA was founded, more than 200 investment visits, sectoral and commercial trips, conferences, seminars, B2B and B2G meetings, trilateral forums etc. in Turkey and Africa. continues to open the doors of an important market like Africa to Turkish businessmen with organizations.

As can be understood from the statistical data, there has been a huge increase in the trade volume between Turkey and Africa from 2002 to 2013.

Undoubtedly, our country's changing policies regarding Africa and its full opening to this region have been effective in this increase.


As the Turkish African Businessmen Association, we wish these numbers to rise even higher.

"TABA, which is against all interests that are against the unity, integrity, growth and stability of our state, continues its struggle against the FETO structure that exists in a large part of the African continent with the organizations it has organized and the activities it has carried out so far."
TABA Türk Afrika Turkish African Fatih Akbulut

Our Vision

TABA aims to contribute to the provision of a friendly and sustainable development environment based on rights and law in Africa, which is the favorite address of recent economic tendencies, and to be the pioneer of mutual gains between Turkey and Africa on this ground.

It is aimed to increase our trade volume and other relations with Africa on reliable foundations in a way that supports Turkish economic policies by increasing the relations and experiences of our association members on Africa.

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