TABA Türk Afrika Turkish African Fatih Akbulut Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu

About TABA

President's Message

Turkish-African Business Association (TABA), is the leading organization that focuses on establishing and strengthening of commercial, diplomatic, social and cultural bonds between Turkey and Africa.

Since 2012 TABA has been the umbrella organization and the pioneer to other such entities and institutions that have similar activities in each African country.

With a wide network of members from Africa and Turkey, TABA continues to grow it’s structural, functional and administrative organization throughout the entire region.

    As can be seen from statistical data, trade volume between Turkey - Africa has experienced a huge increase from 2002 to 2013.

    This increase has undoubtedly affected by the changing policies of our country on Africa and Turkey’s complete entegration with this region.

As the Turkish African Businessmen's Association TABA, we wish these numbers to go up even further.

TABA Türk Afrika Turkish African Fatih Akbulut

Turkey-Africa Relations

Turkey-Africa relations have gained a substantial momentum since the declaration of Turkey as a strategic partner of the Continent by the African Union in January 2008.

Being an Afro-Eurasian state, Turkey’s policy of opening up to Africa is not just the reflection of a transient political and economic expectation. On the contrary, it is the product of a process with strong historical and cultural aspects.

It is not one sided. Today, a growing number of African Embassies are in Ankara. It reached 32
while it was merely around 10 five years ago. Guinea-Bissau, Cameroon, Tanzania and Mozambique are also planning to open Embassies in Ankara.

This trend is a strong manifestation of the commitment of Turkey’s African partners to further developour relations to the mutual benefit of our peoples.

TABA Türk Afrika Turkish African Fatih Akbulut Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu

TABA – Turkish African Business Association bears the goal of fostering and developing increased communication, coordination, trade and investment between African Nations and Turkey while generating a rightful, friendly and sustainable development and enterprise atmosphere in order to realize the ever-increasing economic potential between parties.

TABA Türk Afrika Turkish African Fatih Akbulut

Our Mission

TABA stands against any group o rillegal organisation that harm the unity, integrity, expansion and the stability of Africa and Turkey and organizes various activities to inform related parties about the FETO terrorist organisation which has been widely spread throughout Africa.
For the last five years, TABA have organized more than 200 events which include, sectoral and trade visits of delegations, conferences, seminars, B2B / B2G meetings and trilateral forums.
Such events continue to help grow the economic relations between Turkey and Africa.

In line with TABA’s mission so far, over 200 activities has been organised for mutual benefit which include meetings, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, industrial zone & factory visits and workshops to facilitate exchange of information and improve collaboration between African and Turkish societies and business communities.

TABA Türk Afrika İş Adamları Derneği Turkish African Business Association